October 2nd, 2003


And now for something completely different

First…Look Al Bear! I can do HTML
too. Whoot!

Second, I hope you like my new icon. I won't use it much, but I thought I would try it out.

Third, I finally have online storage so I can start to post pics.

Fourth, there's a new fur in town. I was contacted by jeil_kitty last night. He just moved here from S.Carolina. I invited him to the furmeet this weekend. He was happy to find fellow furries so quickly after moving here, and I was happy to herd another cat into the NM Furry group. A million thanks to amaruk who pointed him in my direction.

Jeez. I woke up this morning having no clue what day it was. It took the morning dj to remind me that it was Thursday and not Wednesday.
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    "Waiting in Vain"--Bob Marley