October 5th, 2003


B.F.F.M. '03

Here is the official report from the Balloon Fiesta Fur Meet of 2003!

I spent all Saturday morning doing the final cleaning of den in preparation for the arrival of as many NM Furs that felt like appearing for the latest of a string of furmeets that have happened recently. By my count, we have had at least 5 since June! Whoot! While I was cleaning, I got a call from jeil_kitty who was riding his bike across the city to get to my den. I managed to guide him to the Rio Grande State Park. He then got lost. I was able to guide him back to the bike trail by keeping him broadcasting on his cell phone. I drove down to the trail and eventually managed to direct him to me. Not too much later ari_foxy and Greg a.k.a. Kit, who must give me his LJ name, arrived. Soon emberflowers showed up followed by dabber, indicoyote, and tenax. Finally furrysparkles arrived. I decided on a theme of "gas" since it was the start of Albuquerque's premier event, the International Balloon Fiesta. I set out all sorts of fixins for make-your-own tacos and burritos. I also never realized how popular Fresca was! Of course Sparki brought 2 bottles of his elixir of life. We spent quite a while watching Retarded Animal Babies as well as listening to the Thundercats Outtakes. Finally, there was one person that had not seen the (in)famous Badger clip (hard to believe, eh?). We were then directed to a clip that is destined to replace it. Click HERE and prepare to shoot your computer. Bwaaaa haaa haaa!

We all watched Monty Python's "Meaning of Life." While the others engaged in surfing other parts of the dvd, I put on the raccoon suit and passed out and received some mega-happy-snuggly hugs from everybody. Murrrrrr! The group then split into 2 groups. Half watched "Army of Darkness" while the other half played Grave Robbers from Outer Space. I was very happy to discover that 5 of the guests decided to spend the night to accompany me to Balloon Fiesta the next morning. Kit and Ari left, but would return the following morning. We all crashed at 1 a.m.

The alarm rang at 5:45 and we all piled into 2 vehicles to head over to Balloon Fiesta Park. I found my contact person and he directed me to the dressing room. Soon I was suited up and I hit the crowds! OMG! As I had imagined, FURSUITING HEAVEN! Balloon Fiesta is know as the most photographed event in the world. It is no joke! I was constantly be asked to pose for pics! Sometimes a little crowd would gather around as families had their kids' pictures taken with me. Santa Monica Pier over the 4th of July was bliss. This was Nirvana! So many friendly people! So many cameras! So many kids! *JOY* Parents were handing me their infants for photo ops. It was incredible. Even whole families wanted to pose with the bear.

Here's a pic of just a few of the hundreds of the balloons that were in the air this morning.

In all, I suited for 3 hours straight. I was completely exhausted! The temperature was wonderful! There was a slight breeze which helped. My fan died sometime during the 2nd hour. I let myself get slightly dehydrated, but overall I was fine. I should mention that Tenax wore his skunk tail and received many positive comments as well! I then offered to buy brunch for everyone in our group at the local IHOP. I downed 2 carafes of iced tea with no problem. We then came back to my den where everyone packed up their stuff and headed off to their respective dens. The only thing that sucked was that Matrian had a flat tire which we easily changed.

I really hope I opened a door today. I will contact the Fiesta people after the event ends next week and ask for any feedback. I hope many positive comments make it back to the management's office. I also hope that several other local furs will have suits by next year and we can really make an impact. I'm gonna crash hard in the next few days. A furry high like this is just too hard to maintain.
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