October 8th, 2003


Double-dip depression

I hit another little low spot yesterday. That was a new thing. Normally I rebound immediately. I have been stressing about finding a doctor. After reading posts about people being diagnosed with terrible things, I thought it would be a good time to get a check up and start a regular schedule of health checks. I have also been feeling "off" since just before Labor Day. I'm dreading the "D" word, but ignoring it won't make it go away. So how does one choose a doctor when there is a full page of providers in my health insurance book? I tried doing research on the Net, but that is its own level of frustration. I think I found one, though. I will call this morning for an appointment.

I also shipped my fursuit head back to Marylen yesterday for some repairs. I've just been fursuiting too much *grin* They said they can have it back to me in a couple of weeks. Since I don't have a gig until the 18th, it should be o.k. I can always wear Abbey. To add to my depression, it has been raining here almost nonstop since yesterday. Now, I know we're in a drought and this type of rain is exactly what we need, but I didn't get to walk Anubis.

Just like the day before, it took a phone call to snap me back into a good state of mind. This time it was tenax who reached out and pulled me back in. We must have yerfed for almost an hour. There's nothing like a happy fur to make me happy as well. I think I made him extremely happy by offering to let him wear Abbey during the "Zoo Boo" Halloween party at the Rio Grande Zoo on the 25th. I should have my polar bear by then. Since Tenax has a lot of acting experience, I think he'll make a super fursuiter. Also, he'll be in town again tomorrow night, so it looks like I'll have a dinner date.

Of course I chatted a bit after that. I wasn't in the mood to be flooded, and I got my wish with only a few good high quality chats. Oh, thanks for the warnings mr_cougar, you bad kitty! You too furrysparkles "I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the store!"
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