October 9th, 2003


The naming of bears is a curious matter...

I think that's how T.S. Elliots "The Naming of Cats" starts (without the bears, I know)

Thanks to all of you that responded yesterday! *HUG* I couldn't believe they delivered it so quickly! I was expecting next week at the earliest! I suppose some are wondering where the name "Nevada" came from. Well, first I was thinking about naming him "Endis" a play on Dennis, the psycho ex-employee that has been stalking people in the office. From him I came up with the joke about a bi-polar bear. Then I thought about "Nieve" which is Spanish for snow. While checking the spelling I saw the word Nevada which means snowfall. It clicked! Perfect! While I'm on the subject, my raccoon got the name "Abbey" from a raccoon role-play character I developed back in college. He's named after environmental writer Edward Abbey. Also throw in a bit of "Abbey Road" with a touch of Abbie Hoffman.

I emailed the pic of me to the Rio Grande Zoo as well. If they had any doubts about letting me fursuit, it should take care of that. Thanks for all that said I was cute and huggable. I know you are a biased audience, but that's the whole point of the suit, be cute and cuddly for the kiddies. Oh! and in an answer to swift_fox no, I don't use a cold vest, but I am thinking about getting one. I am finding that it's head heat that is the real limiting factor. I still have to install a fan in Nevada. I've been experimenting with a design that appears to work fairly well and doesn't cost very much to make.

The picture last night was courtesy of jeil_kitty who came over for a visit last night. After I drug him along for my daily walkies with Anubis I quizzed him on terms he needed to know for a test he's taking on anatomy for his massage therapy class. I was then rewarded with a nice shoulder and neck massage. Murrrrr. I guess I did have a bit of pent up stress. It was getting late and I had no food ready to cook, so I treated him to dinner at Fuddruckers. He snarfed down one of their 1-lb burgers while I, on the recommendation by dexter_fox, had one of their chicken breast sandwiches. YUM! We ended up closing the joint. I dropped him off at his apartment and returned home where I proceeded to call albear since I hadn't chatted with him in a couple of days. I was running on such a furry high I logged on to the computer and chatted with emberflowers and indicoyote for awhile. I finally crashed well after midnight. Whoot! What a day! *HUGS* all around!
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