October 10th, 2003


Bring your dog to work day

I'm typing this from the office with Anubis by my side. Since I'll be leaving at noon to head down to Texas to spend the weekend with wyldside I brought Anubis along with me so I don't have to make a trip back home. He has been warmly received. I figured if someone complained I could bring up the fact that many employees bring their kids from time to time, so why couldn't I bring MY kid? So, I'll soon be hitting the road for a fun filled weekend of companionship, beer, food, and yiff.

Yesterday I had a very nice evening with tenax and jeil_kitty. Tenax had a meeting in town during the day so when it was over he picked up Jeil and headed over to my den. Tenax treated us to Papadeux's which is a Cajun place. So while Tenax gnarfed down a huge fish platter (like a good coon would) and Jeil consumed his shrimp and oysters (i think), I nearly drowned in my bowl of gumbo. *smacks lips* Good stuff. Unfortunately, Jeil had to leave early, so we dropped him off back at his den. Tenax and I returned to my lair where I proceeded to model Nevada for him. He was then pounced and snugglehugged to within an inch of his life. Note to all: He's VERY ticklish! *evil grin*
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