October 19th, 2003


Worst Fursuiting, ever!

O.K. It wasn't terrible, but I wanted to use Comic Book Guy's line. I did my typical Sunday morning routine at Animal Humane. I did the cat room today. Not bad, but they ran out of kitty litter. Not a good thing. I then headed over to Wildlife West for day 2 of their Fall Wildlife festival. I had a feeling that things weren't going to work out. By 1p there were very few visitors. It was another gorgeous day, yet there were fewer guests than yesterday. I went down to the amphitheater and got some lunch from a vendor that was selling food. By 2p, I decided to suit up and hit the small crowd that was there.

Now I also should have realized that this could be a bad day because the featured music was gospel. As I sat there eating my posole, I saw a few folks singing along to the Jesus tune the band was playing. I also noticed a display that somebody had set up discussing how sex was bad, unless you were married. Anyway...I hit the crowd and the reception is pretty cold. I tried dancing along to the music, but I felt like I was doing something bad by dancing along to a song about our savior, the lord, Jesus Christ. I tried to interact with the few kids that were there, but they were probably told that funny animals were the work of Satan. There was one guy that was eyeballing me who I thought for sure was going to tell me I was going to Hell. That or kick my ass.

I did have a few photo ops with a few folks. But other than that, the crowd was pretty dead. I decided to de-suit. I saw that I had suited for less than an hour, one of the shortest performances I have done. I just was not in the groove. The vibe wasn't there. *shrugs* I decided to cut my losses and head home. I know every performance can't be great, but at least it could be good. So, now I'm gearing up for next week's Halloween party at the zoo. I think the odds are much better for a great performance when there will be several hundred, if not a few thousand, kids to interact with.
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