October 21st, 2003


Vampirism and Water Sports

How's that for a title? *LOL*

I stopped off at the local hospital this morning to have them take a blood and urine sample. Did they really need 5 gallons of urine?!? Oh, it was just to make sure I was really serious. *LOL* (stolen from Monty Python). I'll get the results on Halloween. I should wear my fursuit to the doctor's office. Of course he might order neutering. Speaking of Halloween, my bearish powers work on mundanes as well. I dropped a suggestion that the office should have a party during lunch hour. The next thing I know, there are fliers on the bulletin boards for a pot-luck for the 31st. Everyone is telling me I MUST wear my fursuits. Well duh! I may end up bringing all 3 and doing a fashion show. It sucks that our office is no longer right downtown. It would have been fun to do some squicking.

Last night I was an emotional yo-yo. ari_foxy stopped by to go with me on my nightly walk with Anubis. We hung out for awhile and then I invited him to stay for some chicken tacos. Hey, he's a college student. I know how important food is. *grin* After we said goodbye I got online. It being a Monday, I was quickly drowned in chats. On the one hand I was full of joy. On the other I got severely frazzled. Then a warning war broke out between furrysparkles and mr_cougar. I got involved and quickly found myself at 60%. I blocked both of them only to be pounced by Nightwind acting on the behalf of Coug who quickly got my warning level to 100%. I was then blocked from doing any more messaging on AOL. Then my system crashed. Grrrrrr. I decided to call it a night. Just as I was about to go to sleep mildly depressed, the phone rings. It's albear! He cheers me right up and I go to sleep with sweet yiffy thoughts. And now.....back to work.
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