October 22nd, 2003


Deja Vu

Yesterday had the feeling of another day a couple of months ago. It was going along great until the very last minute when it suddenly sucked. Let me explain.

It was another gorgeous day. I was asked if I wanted a tour of some of the irrigation facilities. I said, "Definitely!" Normally, I just care about making releases from our storage reservoirs and let the irrigation district worry about what they do with the water. Of course I have a basic understanding of their operations, but the system is very complicated and it would be a good idea to get a better handle on the many different paths water can flow through the system. So I spent a glorious day out in the fresh air and sunshine. I got back to the office right at quitting time, and so I proceeded over to furrysparkles' place. I picked up Sparki and we proceeded to Hooters for 2 for 1 chicken wings.

I have to agree with Sparki that Hooters is a disgusting place. It's sad to see a bunch of losers guzzling beer oogling the waitresses. Yeah, right buddy. She's gonna ask you out and make sweet love to you. The only date you're gonna have is with Rosy Palm and her 5 sisters. I especially like the scary biker guy sitting in back of us having a conversation with himself. But hey! Half-priced wings! *gnarf* The conversation turned to "Full Metal Jacket" and it was decided to head over to my den and watch it.

Right before Sparki showed up, I got a phone call from tenax. Like always, it was great to yerf with him. While watching the movie I got a surprise call from amaruk. It was great to hear from him as well. Just as the movie was ending I got my nightly call from albear. Wheee! Who needs IM chat when I can have real chats! Sparki left and I got ready for bed. I called Al back to finish our conversation. The other phone rings. Wow! This is so cool! I picked up the phone and just froze. It was my sister's asshole ex-boyfriend.

I don't know how many times I used the word "fuck" but I think it was a record. This dick is unbelievable! He wanted to be my friend!?! Now if someone calls you a "fucking piece of dog shit," would you still want to talk with him? He did obviously. I told him I have a hole in the desert all ready for him. He just giggled and said, "Oh! Don't be that way." All this time I have Al on my cell phone. I really need to apologize to Al for subjecting him to my tirade. So instead of going to sleep with sweet furry thoughts, I drifted off with visions of beatings and murder.

But today is a new day. *HUGS* to the world.
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