October 23rd, 2003


A call from the "vet"

Well, the lab tests are back. I'm normal! Well, at least my chemistry is. I'm not so sure about the rest of me *grin* So I don't have diabetes. A good thing. What blew me away was my cholesterol #. It was 150! That was great! About 5 years ago I was in the 210 range with high levels of "bad" cholesterol. I guess I don't eat as much red meat as before. So things look good for me. I just have to see about my blood pressure. Maybe my "buzzing" feeling is nothing more than a sustained furry high. A medical first. Furry overload! And right after I get the good news, what happens? I get sick.

I barely made it in to work today. I had a terrible sinus headache last night. An apology to berin. I'm sorry I had to cut off our chat, but I just couldn't stare at the screen any longer. I did have a wonderful initial chat with tekfox. Finally, another fursuiter within 500 miles of me! I didn't even realize that I had met him at AC. He showed me a pic he took of Berin and me while I was in suit. I must make a trip up to CO in the near future. So many cool furs up there.

One bad part about being sick is that your mind starts playing tricks on you when you sleep. I had recurring dreams all night long about fursuiting the Zoo Boo this weekend. Of course they were all bad dreams like showing up and nobody was there, or having the wrong suit, or the suit doesn't fit, or it's missing parts. I am just so pumped up for the event that it's consuming my every thought. I'm also excited and nervous for tenax in that this will be his first fursuit outing. I hope that emberflowers also has her suit done. From her posts it looks like she's close to being done. It will be her first gig as well.
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