October 26th, 2003


Zoo Boo Review

How do I explain yesterday's fursuiting at the Rio Grande Zoo? How about, better than the Balloon Fiesta and Santa Monica Pier COMBINED! How about, un-freakin' believable! Here's the rundown of the event.

We all arrived at the appointed time of 11:30. Unfortunately, my contact was nowhere to be found. I got someone to let us in and we proceeded to the volunteer table. When asked the name of our troupe, I proudly declared, "The New Mexico Furries!" We were taken to some offices where we could suit up. I should mention who all was in attendence; myself, tenax, emberflowers, furrysparkles, indicoyote, dabber, ari_foxy, jeil_kitty, Kit, and a new fur, Jake a.k.a. Nightrider. There were 3 suiters; myself, Tenax, who wore my Abbey Raccoon, and Eberflowers (a.k.a. Amy) who debuted her new self-made fursuit *applauds*. My ego is disappointed, however, because I can no longer claim to be the only fursuiter in New Mexico.

I think I made it about 50' before I gave my first hug. And so it went for the next 4 hours straight (a new personal record! Woo hoo!) I had wanted to stroll around the zoo, but the crowd was so thick I ended up just standing in one spot and let the people come to me. For me to walk 10' to get to a table where my handlers had water, it literally took 5 minutes due to all of the requests for pictures and hugs. What made it extra special was that many of the kids were dressed up in animal costumes. It was WONDERFUL to see so many cute little fursuits. Even Scooby-Doo's were cute. I was worried about getting face paint all over my brand new, snow-white fur, but it really wasn't an issue. Words can't begin to describe the joy I experienced! I'm pretty sure that I will be getting a call from the Zoological Society to be their official mascot.

I can't report on how Tenax faired because he took the other approach. He quickly disappeared and wandered around the zoo passing out hugs and posing for pics. I do have a photo one of the handlers took of him playing Twister. *LOL* You'll have to read his LJ for his report (when he posts it). Amy was close by me for most of the day. Once again, you'll have to read her LJ entry for her personal account. I did hear many people calling her dog suit a fox and a wolf. It appeared, however, that she has been deeply bitten by the fursuiting bug. She also let Jake try her fursuit for the later part of the afternoon. He, too, is a good fursuiter. Side note: I heard that the raccoon suit was referred to as a chipmunk and a squirrel. WTF!?! Are people that zoologically stoopid?

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