October 28th, 2003


Mundane Night Football

I spent yesterday evening over at my friend Gary's place. He invited me and another co-worker over for beer and green chili stew. During one conversation I said, "Admit it, Gary! You're a furry!" He laughed and said, "Yeah, I probably am." I don't think it would take much to get him in fursuit. He still reminisces about his days as Smokey Bear. Anyway, we ate enough stew, nachos, cocktail weenies, and apple pie to make even bearknight proud. We watched the old movie "Going South" with Jack Nicholson and a brief appearance by John Belushi. It was a romantic/western/comedy during which I fell asleep. We then watched a little bit of the Miami-San Diego game. *yawn*

In other news it appears that I got the green light to be the Animal Humane Association's mascot. I will go in and talk with their special events person on Thurs. I will check out their dog masks. There is a MAJOR event this Sunday, so I may just run around in their masks if they fit. I will also show her the dog suit I will buy. In still more fursuiting news, I think I will submit an application to march in this year's Holiday parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Since albear, lonefoxx, and dexter_fox will be here, I can probably put together a nice group of fursuiters to march.

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