October 29th, 2003


"Fursuiting. It's my life and it's my wife"

sing to Lou Reed's "Heroin"

I know I posted a while back that I was addicted to fur. Well, I realized that I think I am truly getting addicted to fursuiting. I got a great speedball on Saturday followed by a great letdown on Sunday. Monday I got a "fix" by the news that I could fursuit for the Humane Assoc. I then needed another fix on Tuesday and called the Zoo to find out how I (we) did. I was given only a small rock. The Zoo's educational department wanted nothing to do with funny animals. *shrugs* I was then given the number to the special events coordinator. I left a message. I was also given the direct number to the zoo director, so I can talk to the head honcho if need be. I can also contact the Zoological Society which does all of the fundraising. But now I develop the shakes. I need another fix! I need a definitive answer.

I got a nice surprise this morning when our water conservation person walks into my cubicle and asks if I would be interested if they reived Reclamation's "Otto the Otter" water conservation/safety mascot. I told him he wouldn't have to ask me twice. I showed him some otter costumes on Marylen's site. He thought the price could easily fit in the budget. *cream* Getting paid to fursuit for work! Let's see if this thing takes off.

I look at the calendar and see Halloween! My office is having a lunch party. Yes! Must fursuit! "Brother Bear" is on Saturday. Yes! FURSUIT! *pant* *pant* Must fursuit more! *looks at calendar and counts paydays* When can I order my dog suit? *drool drips from my chin* Yes! I must take my fursuit with me when I visit ursuscal. Festival of the Cranes! Holiday parade! *foam* *twitch* *looks at calendar again* No events for December?!?! *collapses and paws at calendar* Must fursuit! *sweats* I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM! YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM!
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