October 30th, 2003


My Dinner with Tenax

Last night I had a great time with tenax. He had made a deal with me. I buy the stuff for a recipe and he would cook dinner. I've never had my own chef before, so I agreed! We spent a nice evening together as he prepared vodka cream pasta and a sinfull chocolate dessert. Of course he left the dishes for me, so it was a fair trade. He also made me watch Sealab 2021. It was quite funny (at least the parts I saw when I wasn't asleep.) I had played Julia Child and hit the wine very hard while he cooked. I ended the night pretty sloshed.

Today I spent most of the day in the field driving around looking at various irrigation structures. Since we spent a lot of time on pueblo land, we had to stop at an Indian casio for lunch. Yup. I ate enough, once again, to make bearknight jealous. It was nice to get out into the field.

Oh. I had also stopped at Animal Humane and picked up the dog masks they had. While they were the quality of a high school drama class, they were furry nonetheless and I will wear them on Sunday for the Doggy Dash and Dawdle fun run/walk.

And now I am off to watch CSI. I already received a call from a mundane friend in New York asking me if I knew about the episode. *grin*