November 1st, 2003



Next year, I'm going to the mall where there is a Halloween party for the kids. I started out with a bowl of 40 candy bars. The bowl is still half full. *sigh* I guess trick-or-treating just isn't the same as when I was a kid. I suited up as Abbey and waited in my driveway. And waited. And waited. I remember my days living in Yuma AZ. They would literally bus kids up from Mexico to get candy. I would easily go through 200-300 pieces of candy and only make it through half the evening. After standing around for about a half hour, a little boy and his dad showed up. The kid was too afraid and refused to come and get candy. I went over to my neighbor's house and they absolutely loved the suit. They came over and we talked for awhile. They hadn't seen "CSI" which I thought was kinda weird because they both essentially work as CSI people for the ABQ police. I told them flat out that I was a furry, showing them my license plate, and if they hear anything about the show to take it with many grains of salt. They still thought it was cool and are even thinking about hiring me for their daughter's 1st birthday.

Abbey was getting kinda confining, so I switched to Sabot. I had a few trick-or-treaters. They all loved the bear. While walking around outside I had a father tell his kids to go get a hug from the bear. I was pleasantly shocked. Here was a guy telling his kids to get a hug from a total stranger. It was all good. I didn't want to suit too long in Sabot since I didn't want him to get too sweaty since I will be wearing him to "Brother Bear" today.

I was about to call it a night when there was a knock at the door. Come on kids! It's 9:00! I opened the door and was pounced by ari_foxy and Kit. They brought me brownies! We yerfed for awhile with "Army of Darkness" in the background. I was pretty wiped out, though. They left and I crashed hard. I could hear my phone ringing, but I blew it off. Sorry albear. I couldn't reach the phone in time, and I was too tired to talk.

I should mention something funny that happened at work earlier in the day. While leaving the building in my dog mask I stopped by the office manager's office. He was talking to the assistant manager. They thanked me for bringing all of my suits. They thought it was awesome. Then they asked about people who dressed up as animals to have sex. I laughed. I told them straight out that yes, I was a furry. I go to conventions and that while I'm certain that orgies take place somewhere, it is by no means what being furry is all about. That seemed to put them at ease. I asked if they had seen CSI, and neither had. They had heard it from one of the division chiefs. So I tracked her down and told her the same thing. She seemed relieved that it was just t.v. sensationalism. I kinda surprised myself. I have never been as forceful about my furriness as I have been since the episode. I am more likely to just tell it like it is instead of dancing around the subject. BTW, how cool is the big boss? He wanted to know if I could help him find a Klingon Commander costume for next year's party *LOL*

O.K. Time to get ready for "Brother Bear" WHOOT!
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Brother Bear

Just a quick post as I am late to emberflowers' party. I'll write more later, but let me just say the "Brother Bear" is one of the most FURRY movies I have ever seen! I'm still crying from the ending which was beautiful! I hope Herbie Bearclaw had a paw in this. *HUGS*