November 2nd, 2003


72 hours of fursuiting goodness

Well, I just got back from my 4th fursuiting gig in 3 days. It was a good one! But first, let me rewind. I will count Halloween as 1 gig even though I did it at work and later at home. My gig for Brother Bear was a whole lot of fun. I was amazed at the number of hugs I received. I suited from 11:30 to 12:30 and then from 1:30 to 2:30. The most touching moment was when a little girl (4-5) came out from the first show, hugged me, and said, "I really liked your movie." *MELTS* THAT'S what fursuiting is all about. There was a nice collection of NM furries present; furrysparkles who was my handler for the 1st show and then left, tenax, ari_foxy, jeil_kitty, Kit, Nightrider, Seagrave (a new fur), Rubin da Coon, and honorary furry for the day, stoda. I just had to include one pic.

I was finally asked by a mundane if I was a furry. We were leaving the theater and I was raving on how furry it was. One guy asked if we were furries to which we responded an emphatic "yes!" We explained who we were to him and his girlfriend, although I don't think she was playing with a full deck.

About the only thing that bummed me out was that I had planned on getting everyone in for free. I had cleared this with the mananger that got me the gig. The theater owner paid me a visit when I was suiting up and told me that 10 passes was impossible. I was in a quandry. I was just about to de-suit and tell him to take a leap when he agreed to give me passes good for a later date. I know they count the box office, but why not just let us in under the table? If the show doesn't sell out, they're not "losing" money on us. It costs the same to run the movie if there are 100 people in the theater or 110. I could tell he was a cheap bastard because he also said I could get a drink from the concession stand. The ultra-mini size, of course. It would not be possible to give me a regular size. WTF!?! It costs you maybe $0.25 for the syrup and a cup, and you charge $3.00 for it, and you can't possibly give me a break?!? He was really pissed at the manager who promised me the passes. I didn't want to get her into trouble. I talked with her today and she basically called him a lying sack of shit. Oh well, I got my passes, so screw them. I also got to see an awesome flick.

After the movie I quickly returned to my den, showered, grabbed Abbey, and headed out to emberflowers lair for a Halloween party. She lives way the hell in Bumblefuck, but I found it. I suited, at least partially, the entire night from 6:00 to 10:00. There are some wonderful pictures of the headless coon that I hope she will post. OMG! That was some funny shit!

And now on to today. It was the Animal Humane Association's "Doggy Dash and Dawdle." It's their biggest fundraiser of the year. It is a competetive 5K run which you can do with or without a dog. Then there is also a fun walk. If you don't want to do either, you can just bring your dog and hang out. I suited up with the cheap mask they loaned me and my old bear suit that I had bought 15 years ago for $10. It looked surprisingly good! I hit the crowds which were estimated in the few thousand range. Wow! What a great time! I did it without a handler because I felt the mask allowed me good visibility and I wasn't expecting too many kids. It is a WHOLE different dynamic interacting with dogs than with kids. Most were scared of the suit. Many growled or barked. Some were indifferent. One boxer wanted to slurp the mask right off my face. I danced my tail off in front of the stage. The announcer loved me and I hammed it up for him. I had my picture taken many times including one with our local celebrity weatherman. My one thought the whole time was, "if they love this POS suit, wait until they see a REAL fursuit!" So now I am spent. Time for some relaxing. If things go according to the usual plan, I should be crashing sometime in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned for the angsty post. (hopefully not)
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