November 4th, 2003



The trough was a small one. Thanks to everyfur that responded and/or IM'd me at work. I actually had work to keep me busy, so I had no time wallow in self-pity. I've also been worrying about other furiends. I know albear has been depressed lately which has really brought me down as well. Then dabber who I have been trying to develop a relationship with suddenly cuts off all connection with all NM Furs. He's being forced to relocate and I guess he would rather just disappear instead of saying long goodbyes. *sigh* Then I had plans to buy wuffy1970 a bus ticket to be with me and the gang over Thanksgiving. Greyhound wants over $200 for a fucking RT bus ticket from Tulsa!!! It's only like 600 miles! WTF! I'll have to look into flights on Great Plains Air but I think I can get RT airfare for close to that. I'll see what happens.

I threw my application into the mail today to march in the Twinkle Light Parade on Nov 29. For entry title I put "Critters on Parade" and for organization I put "New Mexico Furries." I also included a page with pictures of my fursuits. Now if albear and lonefoxx bring their suits, it should be a rocking time!

I also want to welcome vulpeculatf to my LJ. We chatted for hours yesterday. Unfortunately he's on the other side of the Pond. I'd really like to get together with him for some fursuiting fun.
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