November 5th, 2003


A few small repairs

I managed to chat with dabber last night. He's mega depressed about having to relocate and I did my best to provide comfort. It was emotionally draining. I was also able to straighten out the Greyhound thing (I think). Of course, they have blackout dates just like airlines. Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays of the year so all transportation companies put the screws to the consumer for the same reason dogs lick their balls....they can. So if Wuffy leaves a day earlier, the price gets cut in half. sweet.

I joined the millions of drugged up Americans the other day. My physical a few weeks ago was clean except for one problem, high blood pressure. It seemed to be consistantly high, so the vet put me on a low dose beta-blocker to see if that helps. We shall see. At least I'm finally taking advantage of my insurance provider to whom I have been dishing out money for 10 years with only a few claims for dental work which they paid almost nothing. I was amazed when I paid more for aspirin than my prescription.

My fursuits are packed up and ready to go. My friend in WA won't be home, so I'll spend an extra day with my friend in Pendleton. Note to thrashwolf: It says in your profile that you're from Portland. True? Care to get togther for a beer or coffee? Anybody know of any other OR furs?