November 7th, 2003



First, a eco-terror update. I added a few more craters last night, so only 4x4's will be able to get by if they so desire. That will hopefully eliminate most of the problem. I can continue working on the pit after my trip. I should clarify that for all intents and purposes the road is a dead end. It is not some thorofare that is regularly used. It can be used as part of a loop, but it requires a high-clearance vehicle. So my little act of sabotage does not have any real effect on the general public.

I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I got home. My footed pj's arrived! Yes, the type toddlers usually wear. I always thought it would be great if they were available in adult sizes. They always looked so snuggly. Well, there are several folks on my friends list that are babyfurs. I was totally clueless on what that meant several months ago. While I could see how it could be an enjoyable role-play, I just could not get into it. I was shown several websites, however, that contained products catering to the babyfur crowd. Many had sections on baby-wear in adult sizes. I found one website, however, that seemed to be be less babyfur and more comfort oriented. And so after many months of debate, I finally ordered a pair from Warmth Wear. OMG! So warm and cozy! I ordered a leopard-skin print, so it looks like a fursuit. I put on a little fashion show using my webcam last night.

Once again, I know of some friends on my list that like to sleep in their fusuits, especially in Winter. I've wanted to do that as well, but it would seem like it would get too hot. Besides, I don't want to have to wash it frequently (not for THAT reason you CSI watching freaks *LOL*). Anyway, the new p.j.'s are a pleasure to sleep in. Not too warm, and comfortable as anything.

If any of you see me drinking from a baby bottle, it will most likely contain beer.
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