November 13th, 2003


A yiff-tacular week!

Greetings from Portland! I have been trying to update my LJ for a few days now, but I just haven't had the time. Let's play catch up.

Fri- Left ABQ and made it as far as Winslow, AZ (cue the Eagles' "Take it Easy")

Sat- Made it to Bakersfield CA and hooked up with hoofdahorse. I was originally going to just camp out in the desert, but found out that Hoof was from B'field. He came over to my motel room with his roo suit, and we had a fursuit exchange. This was followed by good, wholesome fursuit snuggling while watching Harry Potter on HBO.

Sun- Drove up to Sacramento and made it to the famous Grizzly Den (as seen on the BBC). Met ursuscal and wabbitcalif and Greybear, a.k.a. Cub. Let's just say that it was a fun evening. It was great to get Ursus and Cub into full fursuits for the first time in their lives. It wasn't quite CSI, but we did get some good squicking done on the neighbors.

Mon- While Ursus and Wabbit went to work, I toured Old Sacramento and spent a lot of time at the California State Railway Museum. It is a really nice museum and the staff is really great. I returned back to the Den and found that Ursus had taken the afternoon off. I surprised him by telling him I was going to spend an extra day since he had the following day off (Veterans Day). He was very happy, and there was much "rejoicing" (nudge nudge)

Tue- Ursus, Cub and I went to Folsom to visit the zoo. They had black bears on exhibit as well as raccoons, red foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, and badgers. Upon arrival we noticed that people were lining the streets. Of course! A Veteran's Day parade! The light went on! We had brought along a couple of the fursuits in hope of running around the park. The parade would be a perfect place to fursuit. So I donned Sabot and Ursus put on Abbey. Cub acted as videographer, although he failed miserably by forgetting to take it off standby. We hadn't even made it out of the parking lot before we were set upon by happy kids and families with cameras. We worked the crowd along the street until the parade started. We made our way back to the parking lot where we desuited. I could see the look in Ursus' eyes that he had been bitten by the fursuiting bug. Ah yes! Another furson gets to experience the joy!

We toured the zoo. The black bears they had were GORGEOUS! Their color was a wonderful rich dark brown, very much like Sabot. I was in heaven! I wore my raccoon tail and heard a wonderful comment from a little boy who saw me, "Mommy! Look! That man is changing into a raccoon!" *GRIN* I also did the badger dance in front of the badger. We all went "dook!" to the ferrets. A wolf hybrid did not like my tail at all and barked and growled every time I walked by. While we were leaving, one of the zoo staff commented about my tail and thought it was wonderful.

We then drove to Locke which is the last surviving rural Chinatown. It was a very cool place. We pigged out on some pretty good Chinese food as well.

Wed.- I said my goodbyes and proceeded north to Portland. It was about a 10 hour drive. Nothing much to report. It was quite scenic and I enjoyed it.

It was wonderful to see my dear friends again. One I call my adopted mother. She was my boss when I volunteered for the Bureau of Land Management back in 1987. We developed a friendship over the years and she has been a wonderful mentor to me. I owe a great deal to her. I finally told her I was "out" and she was extremely happy. I asked if she ever suspected, and she said she had always reserved judgment. She had talked to my mom a few days earlier and I asked how the call went. I was always fearful that my mom would somehow blame her for "turning" me gay since she is herself. Just the opposite. She would like to come out for a visit. My mom knows that my friend and her partner are extremely kind and loving people.

I'll report tomorrow on how dinner goes tonight. They invited two of their gay friends from up the road to come down and meet me. It turns out they had very accurate gaydar and picked me out years ago when we first met briefly. Lunch awaits! *HUG*
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