November 14th, 2003


Furry Eye for the Queer Guy

Last night's dinner party was a major blast. I really do need to move to Portland. While shopping for stuff for the party I was asked a few times by mundanes, "What's up with the collar?" Without batting an eye I replied, "It's a symbol that I'm a furry." This comment was usually met with blank stares, and so I would start to explain. It was a lot of fun. It was even more fun being checked out by a cute guy as I was leaving Target. Speaking of Target, I bought myself a new cereal bowl. It's a stainless steel dog bowl in a larger non-skid bowl which is decorated with bears. Murrrrrrr.

Now on to the dinner party. My friends' friends Stu and Dick arrived around 7:30. I had already had a few beers, and soon the wine was flowing freely. I gave them my life story and how I came to be friends with my hosts. There was a long conversation regarding bears, furry bears, gay bears, and gay furry bears.

Dinner was a fresh leg of pork, home-grown squash, and zucchini. Dessert was homemade pumpkin pie. Right before dessert was served, I slipped away and returned as Abbey. Everyone was in awe of the suit. I strutted around and passed out skritches. Faster than you could say, "Cher" I slipped out of Abbey and returned as Nevada. The response was the same. After some polar bear snuggles I did another quick change and finished up as Sabot. Stu was simply amazed at the fursuits. He put on Nevada's head and just sat there at the table for awhile. When he took it off, he had a somewhat glazed look in his eye. He was amazed at the power of putting on a fursuit. Just a few minutes of wearing the head made him begin to realize what the draw was to furry and fursuiting. Of course everyone then had to experience the joy and so the heads of Sabot and Nevada made the rounds of the table with opportunities for photos.

By the time the evening came to an end, Stu and Dick were wondering how long I was going to be in town and if I had any plans of moving to Portland. I was very flattered that they had a strong desire to introduce me to the local gay scene. I was really crushed that I had to leave. I really have to find their equivelants in Albuquerque. It started to get me pissed that I lived in such a shithole location. I need to start developing my connections. For the first time in a long time the fire has been fanned to get the hell out of the Southwest and find a better place to live. Man, I love the NW. I have a lot of thinking to do when I get home.
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