November 23rd, 2003


Festival of the Cranes

While many furs were enjoying MFF, I was enjoying my own little furmeet. On Friday evening I drove down to Socorro to see tenax perform in the play "The American Car, The American Dream." My own review was that it was overly long, and pretty unbalanced in terms of the quality of the sketches. The performances of the actors, however, were very good. I knew that Tenax had performed in many plays and musicals. It was good to finally see him up on stage for myself.

On Saturday it was my turn to perform and I suited up as Abbey Raccoon to represent Wildlife West who had a booth at the Festival of the Cranes. As I posted earlier, this is one of the premiere birding events in the country. There were many vendors and agencies represented. I suited for just under 4 hours. It was a little warm, but VERY windy. This made performing a breeze (pun intended). I got lots of good hugs and photo ops. Tenax is also a wonderful handler. He bought 2 plushies; a small raccoon and an even smaller one. He made me carry them around so he could yell, "Aggggh! Recursion!"

After the festival we headed over to NM Tech to hook up with indicoyote and kit_foxy. After walking Anubis and Tenax's dogs, Bob and Ivory, it was decided to drive back down to the little wide-spot-in-the-road town of San Antonio (NM) to the famous Owl Bar and Cafe. We all had their trademark green chili cheeseburgers. After dinner we retreated back to Matt's and Kit's dorm room where we yerfed for an hour or so.

Today I was going to suit for the second day of the festival. While the temperature yesterday morning was in the 50's, it was only in the 30's this morning. The temperature was perfect for fursuiting but not for birdwatching. Attendance was dismal. I suited for about an hour and decided to call it a day (as did many vendors).

After collecting Anubis and saying goodbye to Tenax, I headed for home. It took a lot of motivation, but I finally started cleaning my den. It will take a Herculean effort, but I should be able to clean up a lot tomorrow (so you probably won't see me online). It was nice to yerf a little bit on the phone with avenginglioness and wuffy1970.

And now I am exhausted, so I will hit the sack.
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