November 24th, 2003


Happy Annifursary to me!

It was one year ago today that I sat at my computer at home, took a deep breath, completed the furvey, and posted it to I had been lurking for a few days, but knew that I had found a home. I knew that being furry was something that felt totally right. It was who I was. It was a very cathartic experience to me. I remember almost trembling when I hit the "post" button. What had I done? What would people think of me if they found out? Did I really want to be associated with all of these freaks and geeks? So many were gay. Would people think that I was gay if they found out? After I posted I realized that I had forgot to configure my newsreader and so my RL name was displayed on the post. Argggghh! Now EVERYONE would know who Sabot L'ours really was! Oh no!

and one cared.

I was welcomed into the community. I found out how kind and loving a community it was when my father got sick and eventually died. The outpouring of love and sympathy from people I barely knew was incredible. Shit, on the evening my dad died, I posted to a.l.f. less than an hour after I found out. With the discovery of LJ and IM chat, the importance of a.l.f. has faded, but many of my LJ friends came from the friends I initially met on a.l.f.

It's amazing to think that I came into the community with not a single friend and now a year later I'm hosting a party for at least 4 who will come from great distances to be with me. I also have to look at my LJ friends list and smile. It's wonderful to be a friend to so many. I love yerfing with many of you on the phone and over IM. To think that I didn't even know what IM was 11 months ago.

What brought me to furry was my desire to fursuit. I had worn a raccoon suit back in
1985 and I knew it was something that I had to do. It was searching for costume sites that I initially discovered personal home pages of fursuiters. People simply wore suits for the pure joy of it! Some even slept in their fursuits! Once again, it just felt right. Soon my own fursuit arrived and I could become as physically close to my pheno as I could (without resorting to Stalking Cat-like changes). And now I am up to 3 suits. I have suited numerous places and have become the premiere suiter in the region. Not bad for less than one year's time.

I would like to recognize a few furiends and let them know how special they are to me.
emberflowers: For getting me this LJ account which I must upgrade to a paid account.
cnipur: For telling me to get an LJ account and for helping me break down my wall of sexual self denial
furrysparkles: For being the first fur I met face to face. He even bought the beer!
mr_silvers: For being the first local fur I contacted via email who then pointed me towards the NM_Furry mailing list.
dexter_fox: For helping me get in touch with my sexuality while I helped him get in touch with his furryness. I attended my first con with him. He was also the first person I ever said "I love you" to and really meant it. Thank you for throwing up on me on a.l.f. *LOL*
bungle_bear: For telling me about another bear from California that I should contact.
albear: For being such a sweetheart to me since meeting at CF. Thanks for hosting 2 wonderful weekends at the Bear Den.
camstone: For showing me that it was o.k. to be over 35 and furry. Your Dirt Den Inn provided me with many words of inspiration.

I was going to post an updated version of my furvey, but it would take awhile to get it all filled out. Maybe I'll post it in the coming days.

So, here's to the conclusion of Year One on my voyage of discovery. Let's see what the future holds. It shall be documented in this LJ. *HUGS* to all!
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