November 30th, 2003


A new high

Yesterday marked the highlight of the Thanksgiving '03 Furmeet, the Twinkle Light Parade. Two new records were set; most furries ever gathered in one place in New Mexico, and most fursuiters gathered at an event in New Mexico. I hope both records are shattered next year.

First, the day started rather slowly as all of the furs gathered at my den slowly awoke. It was decided that a little squicking at the mall was warranted, so with jeil_kitty in his oh-so-gay-and-goth outfit and myself and dexter_fox in our tails, we headed out to Cottonwood Mall. We wandered around for an hour. The Disney Store sucked major ass. There was only one tiny shelf devoted to "Brother Bear" and the clerk almost had no idea what Dexter was talking about when he asked if they sold animation cels(they didn't).

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet. I had heard rumors that they sucked, and the rumors were true. The waiter was quite rude so we left him a $0.12 tip in pennies arranged in a smiley face. After lunch we headed over to Best Buy where I finally entered the 21st Century and bought a DVD player. We then brought it back to my den where we watched more Family Guy. Just before 4:00 we headed out to downtown to suit up for the Twinkle Light Parade. I had hoped to suit up in a parking garage, but the street was already closed off. We ended up suiting up on a side street which ended up being a good thing because our spot in the parade was right there.

The parade was AWESOME! It started off slowly because we had to march several blocks to where the parade officially started. When we hit Civic Plaza, the main square downtown, the crowds swelled and soon it was wall-to-wall people. There were 7 of us in suit. We started working the crowd, passing out hugs, hive fives, and pawshakes. Many people asked for photo ops. It was a little hard keeping up with the parade, but overall it wasn't too bad. And's the photo of the largest fursuit gathering to date!

After the parade we regrouped and headed back to my den for quick showers. We then headed over to Fuddruckers for our now-traditional after-event dinner. There were 13 of us in attendance. Roll call!
and Nightrider

I drove Lonefoxx to the airport for his flight back to Tucson. After that we once again retreated to my den where we watched "Heavy Metal." The crowd finally thinned out until only 6 of us remained. We proceeded to turn it into a slumber party where we sat up until 4 a.m. yerfing about boys and yiff.

And now it's off to Socorro to meet up with tenax again.

I have a feeling that PFD is going to hit a lot of us REALLY hard in the next few days.
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