December 2nd, 2003


PCD Fading

I have been going back and forth about what to write about in today's journal. I have gone from quite happy to spitting mad and back again several times since my last post. I think I'll just let the words flow and see where I end up.

I dropped off wuffy1970 at the bus station last night. It was a good reminder of why I don't take the bus. They did a security screen on all passengers. All of the carry on bags had to be examined and everyone was wanded. It took at least 1-2 minutes per person. The security guards looked like they were rejects from "Police Academy." Anyway, Wuffy got on the bus and I headed back to my empty house. I was completely exhausted and hopped into bed. I got a call from a very depressed albear who was suffering a severe case of PFD. He sensed something was also wrong with me and asked me what was up. Well, I unloaded on him. All of the bad stuff that was in my heart that I hinted about in yesterday's post came spewing out. It was the venting I needed to do. It was shitty that I essentially hit him while he was down since he was also mega-depressed, but I think it cleared the air of any badness that might have developed. He was by no means the only cause of my anger/sadness, but since I love him so much I didn't want ANYTHING bad between us, no matter how small. I got a nice phone call from him this morning which also raised my spirits greatly. Thanks also to berin, bradhound, and tygercowboy for nice chats this morning.

I just got back from the doctor, and my blood pressure was normal. The meds I have been taking seem to be helping.

I may get to fursuit at work today. I brought my ultra cheap gorilla suit to perform in a skit about our office boss who's being "promoted" to a position in Denver. We're not sure if he asked to be moved or if he was asked to move. The skit I will do relates to a favorite phrase of his, "We're not going to feed that monkey." It refers to not giving attention to issues that are totally unrelated to the present issue, but people want to throw in to satisfy their own agendas.

O.K. Time to go to his last all-office meeting. And then a pizza party for lunch! YAY!

and BTW...notice! I am now a paid LJ User!