December 8th, 2003


The promised angsty post

Yup, it's time for nagging depression again. Not the type that makes you sit in a dark room with a bottle of Jack Daniels listening to Sinatra, but the kind that gnaws at your brain like a bunch of mosquitoes. You shoo them away and they come right back. It's more annoying than anything else. What makes this bout bad is that chatting seems to make it worse. Normally I could always take comfort in a phone call or chat fron a friend, but not this time. Perhaps it's still lingering effects of PFD. Perhaps it's the unfulfilling weekend.

I have learned that many happy turns in life are serendiptous. So I thought I would throw something out to see if it gets a bite. Is there anyone out there or do you know of anyone out there who is single, 25-40, employed, educated, self-sufficient, and mentally stable who is interested in a friendship/relationship? I would soooo like to start travelling the globe again. I'm looking for someone who doesn't care about techno, RPG's, computer gadgetry, or Nintendo. Am I in the wrong fandom if that's what I'm looking for? *LOL* Doesn't anybody like to go hiking or biking? Does anybody go to concerts where you don't bring glowsticks? Does anyone else long to see Patagonia? The Gallapagos? Australia? Greenland?

O.K. I got it off my chest. That helps a little for a few moments. I'll now go back to work and finish a worthless presentation for next week.
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