December 9th, 2003



O.K. That probably got your attention. I had been meaning to write an entry about the above topic for awhile and figured that today would be a good a time as any. I'm not feeling as angsty as yesterday, but there are slight currents and eddies just below the surface. In thinking about relationships and such, the subject of yiff plays an integral part. First, I have found out that the definition of yiff varies greatly from furson to furson. To me, the definition is very broad. My personal definition is getting nekkid with someone in an intimate way. I might even include snuggling with someone nekkid while in fursuit.

I know my broad definition may scare some folks off. I have been chatting with folks on IM and have said it would be fun to yiff with them. Some got scared and said, "I don't do anal!" I blinked and re-read what I had wrote. I never mentioned that anywhere. Then I realized that to some the act of yiffing was "going all the way." So, forgive this yiffy bear if there is a misunderstanding. Also, if you engage in TS frequently with me, I see that as a flirtatious invitation. I consider it foreplay, so to speak. This may be a total mis-read on my part, but if you're THAT good online, you should be enjoying the real thing. If you have no intention of ever wanting to get together in RL, then keep the conversation away from the subject.

I joke around that I am a slutty bear. I am searching for that person to have a long-term relationship with, but I also want to have a little fun during the search. Yes, I constantly tell myself that I don't want to turn into Rebecca, the home-school girl from "South Park". She went from prude to slut in a day after her first kiss. I know that in the real world people are meeting in bars every night and going home with someone they just met a few hours earlier. I like to think the Internet is a little better in that you have to chat with the person in order to get to know them. I have been told that that is not necessarily the case, but for me it sure is. Yes, I may get together with you in RL, but only after we have been chatting for at least a month. That or I know you're a good friend of a friend.

And speaking of friends...this is one the biggest issues for me. No, you don't have to yiff with me to be my friend (but it is fun)! I will constantly joke with you about wanting get you in the sack. If the red light is prominently displayed, you have nothing to fear. I will still flirt with you, however. *grin* Just smack me with a trout if I get out of line. This bear has a lot of growl but little bite. But the biting is sooooo much fun!
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