December 11th, 2003


Would you like a mint, sir? It's waffer thin.

Ugh. I stuffed myself last night. There was a retirement dinner for one of our field office managers. It was held at a place with pretty good BBQ. So around the table went platters of pork, chicken, brisket, sausage, ribs, slaw, fries.....and I had them all. I almost couldn't sleep I was so full. *BURP* But it was a good time.

I let my bearish tendencies show yesterday. I had been asked to fursuit by one of our secretaries who is going to pass out winter clothes to needy kids. She wanted me to be Santa Bear. Well, the day she needed me was a day that I had a meeting up in Chama, about 4 hours away. I rarely get to travel any more and was somewhat looking forward to the trip, although it seemed to conflict with everything. I exploded in a shower of expletives and slammed my paw on the desk. I had sooooo wanted to suit this event. Well, the good news was that the event was pushed back several hours, so I will be able to do it. I was embarrassed that I acted like a 2-year-old, but when fursuiting is in jeopardy (and the meeting is pretty worthless), I can't control myself.

In other news I was happy to add a new friend to my list. I was contacted by sonicblu on IM last night. I struggled to remember where we had met before. Finally it clicked. We were both in the AC Masquerade this year. We yerfed for awhile, and hopefully I can help him out in the FC Variety Show next month.

And tonight I have another dinner, this time for Wildlife West. I am going to gain soooo much weight over the holidays.
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