December 12th, 2003



I was originally going to call this post "Deception" because I started off the evening on a low note. I went to the Wildlife West volunteers' appreciation dinner and had a pretty good time. The food was good and I stuffed myself. There were some nice presentations and whatnot, and then I left. On the drive home I started thinking about how I isolated myself at the gathering. I knew many of the folks there, but I went off in my little corner and basically just watched. I had a revelation that perhaps I am cocooning myself in the furry world. Granted, it's better to do that than being totally isolated, but I thought that my experience in the furry world would have opened me up a little more in the mundane world. Hence the original name of the post. Was I deceiving myself? I can function as go-getter in the furry world, but I'm still the same old loser in the "normal" world. I do have a slight swagger in my step with my increased self awareness, but I realized that I have a ways to go.

The evening took another wrong turn with a very depressing phone call which I won't go into. My walk with Anubis was lovely, however, as a storm started to roll in. It was very cloudy and the wind cut right through me, but it was rather invigorating. I returned home and got online. The evening then rebounded as I was contacted by yet another fur from out of the blue. I had a very nice chat with golden_bear. Yay! Another gay bear! I also had another nice chat with sonicblu. I then made the day of tekfox by offering him room space at FC. It will be great to have so many suiters in two connecting room. The funk should be awesome! *LOL*

So anyway, I did a 180 turn and ended the evening on a high note. I must be over my weird little depression because chats definitely cheered me up. I'm trying not to be an LJ Friend slut, but I finally hit 100 friends. It's almost getting unmanageable, but many folks don't post regularly, so I can keep up. So many wonderful people!
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