December 16th, 2003


Save the Chama for your mama

I'm off to the wonderful little town of Chama, NM today. The town is famous for the Cumbres and Toltec narrow gage railroad which runs steam excursions in the Summer. It is one of the most scenic train rides in the U.S. In Winter there's really not much to do up there, except freeze your tail off. I will be going up there to tell a bunch of landowners who built homes along one of our reservoirs that they are basically screwed if they expect a nice full reservoir. It ain't gonna happen unless we get the mother of all Winters. Shit. Some of the realistic scenarios I have run show the reservoir going dry in 5 years. Yes, folks. It's called a drought.

We do have a small office in town and I did think about applying for the recently vacated position of office manager. People here laughed at me. They said as soon as they found out I wore a bear suit, I would be strapped to somebody's hood in no time. Yes, they don't like "different" up there.

Hopefully, tomorrow night I will have dinner with camstone. It was great to get a phone call from him last night. I will also hopefully drag along furrysparkles and any other NM fur that reads this and is interested.

I'll see y'all late tomorrow! *HUG*

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