December 17th, 2003


My tail is gone!

No, it wasn't chewed off in my meeting. It froze off! I just got back from Chama N.M. about an hour ago. The night before last it was -14F. I don't think it got THAT cold last night, but a recording thermometer that I had left in the vehicle read a minimum temp of -12C. The heat didn't work in our motel, but they brought us space heaters which did the job nicely.

The meeting went very well. There were about 25 people in attendance. I gave my presentation about our reservoir operations and painted a grim picture for the future. The boat and home owners seemed to take the information in stride. They finally realized that the drought is real and will effect them. I received many kudos after the meeting.

*burp* Ah. Nothing like huevos rancheros for breakfast. I'll skip lunch and hopefully have a nice dinner with camstone (if he turns on his phone!). And now I am off to fursuit for a local Head Start program to pass out gifts our office bought for them. Yay!
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