December 21st, 2003


Catching up

Yes, it's late. I can't get to sleep.

Let's see where I left off. No, I didn't fursuit for our office Xmas party. Only one person brought their kid. I did dress up as Santa, and I'm really starting to hate doing that. In our office gift exchange where you get a random gift and can steal someone else's, I got a salami. I almost got in trouble because I kept telling people they should steal Santa's spicy beef. I even joked that it wasn't a foot long. Yes, I was Bad Santa. On Friday our division exchanged small gifts. I got a small "Country Bears" figure and a bear ornament. *grin* It's just so easy shopping for furries.

Today I went to see "LotR." Yes, I must say that it did kick ass. I went with tenax and jeil_kitty. furrysparkles tried to go with us, but while I had already bought tickets online, it was sold out by the time he got there. My only gripe with the flick was that they seemed to go out of their way at the end to prove that Sam was straight. Come on! He and Frodo almost kissed! And had the hobbits been furry, you know there would have been a helluva furpile on the bed when Frodo woke up after the ordeal at Mt Doom.

On the personal front, thanks to all of you that responded to my last post. Everything is fine between us 3, and like in the previous rough spots in the relationship, we've come out of this one even stronger than before, in my opinion. I got a call from dexter_fox today while he changed planes on the way to see his family. I also yerfed with albear this morning to see how he was. Everything seems to be fine. I was surprised by a call from damnbear this morning as he drove across country to visit relatives in CO. We had just chatted a few days ago for the first time on IRC. That's pretty cool, I think.

O.K. I'm finally tired. Off to bed I go. *HUG*
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