December 23rd, 2003


"It's a Wonderful Life"

I was trying to think of a title for today's post while taking a shower and this suddenly popped into my head. I truly felt like George Bailey yesterday. I don't know if all of the stars aligned, or if I finally had enough karmic green stamps that I could start to redeem them, or it is just the magic of the Winter Solstice, but everything just seemed to click. I was very bad and spent most of the day chatting at work. Yes, I'm gonna get my ass fired, but I figure with all of the other shit that goes on in this office, that infraction would be pretty far down on management's list (if they even cared).

Yesterday was all about love. I finally started to realize what everyone had been telling me all along, be patient and something will some along. Do you remember back in high school when you found out from a friend that a certain boy or girl really liked you? Well, I got that same little rush yesterday. I hope I can nurture that seed into a healthy tree. It would make me a happy bear. And like George Bailey I discovered just how many lives I touched this past year. I was overwhelmed by people telling me how much I had meant to them. I know I inadvertently hurt one, but I hope our little chat last night smoothed things out. I'm really sorry I just couldn't teleport myself to be with you. And thanks to all that are looking over my shoulder like Clarence the guardian angel.

On another happy note, I hope some of you saw "Monster Garage" on the Discovery Channel last night. Give a cheer for albear who made his second national television performance this year. We both had brief appearances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" earlier this year.
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