December 30th, 2003


Chubby Bear

If I keep up the way I have been going, I'm gonna start to challenge bearknight for big bear of the year. Yes, I ate way too much again. For lunch we went out to a BBQ place and I ate a half pound of brisket (with a bunch of jalapenos too. Burned both ends!) I was going to skip dinner, but I got a call from tenax who was coming into town to get a training collar for his dog, and he wanted to know if I wanted to go out for dinner. How could I refuse? So we went to the Olive Garden and pigged out on pasta. I was going to be good today, but it's Tuesday. And when you chat with furrysparkles on Monday, that means you just have to go out for cheap hot wings on Tuesday. So I will eat a very light lunch in preparation. Is this post starting to sound like one of albear's?

Everything else seems to be chugging along. I have been surprisingly busy at work making sure everybody's water gets delivered by tomorrow. Albuquerque has already stated that they want their 2004 allotment starting the first of the year, so there'll be good flows down the Rio Chama all Winter. I hope the trout appreciate it. I can't say the same thing for the river below Abiquiu Dam which will be a trickle. I got the Corps of Engineers pissed at me because I mis-stated that ALL of the water had been delivered for the year. What I meant was all of the water had been released. It still took time to reach the other reservoir. They had to make some last minute changes over Christmas to compensate. *shrugs* They dick me around as well, so they can't complain too loudly. Oh well. Back to the river.
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