December 31st, 2003


The Year in Review

sweet and sour.

Of course everyone has high and low points in a given year, but I certainly have experienced some high amplitude swings this particular year. The year started off very mixed. I was still on my furry high, having just discovered the fandom less than 2 months earlier. I was starting down the path of self discovery and allowing myself to be myself. 20 years of repressed furriness kept erupting like a volcano. At the same time I was receiving constant updates about my father's deteriorating health. I achieved my lifelong dream and received my first fursuit. I remember trembling as I put on my bearsuit and finally could physically resemble my pheno. All of this joy was then tempered by the call that my dad was slipping away.

I drove to Chicago in late Feb to be with him and help my mom get through the rough times. Thank doG that my cousin loaned me a computer so I could keep in touch with my growing list of furry friends, especially dexter_fox. On March 12 I went to sleep with the sound of my dad's labored breaths coming from the living room. I had a feeling. At 2 a.m. my sister woke me up to tell me that it was over. I held his lifeless head in my hands and kissed him goodbye. I remained in Chicago for another week and took care of all of the financial things. I then returned home and started my life back up again.

I attended my first con in April. I was there to witness the flaming death of Confurence. I met many a wonderful fur at the con, however, especially albear My world would never be the same. I was happy to have 5 seconds of fame when I appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" as they lambasted all of us furry freaks. *shrugs* I'm a media slut. In May I performed in fursuit for the first time at Wildlife West where I not only impressed the heck out of them, but it was the first FTF meeting with tenax. May was also the month I signed up for this Live Journal thingy. I continued to rack up fursuiting gigs. I became the unofficial mascot for KBAC radio, where I was also known on the air as "the go-to-guy."

In June I hosted my first furmeet for the NM Furries. I started down the path of becoming the main event organizer for the group. I was happy to have my den become furry central.

July was also a momentous month in that I flew to L.A. to be with AlBear and Dexter Fox where yiffed for the first time. Later that month I attended AC where I yiffed some more. There was also lots of fursuiting fun.

In September I took another trip out to LA to be with Al and Dex and to meet carol_kitty and avenginglioness. KWI!

October had the best two fursuiting gigs I have performed to date, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and the Zoo Boo. The Zoo Boo saw the premiere of Nevada the polar bear, and it was Tenax's first fursuit performance in my recently acquired Abbey Raccoon. I also made a roadtrip down to TX to spend a nice weekend with wyldside

November was road trip time as I cruised up to the Northwest. I spent a glorious few days in Sacramento visiting ursuscal and wabbitcalif. It was also the month of the great Thanksgiving furmeet at my den. What an incredible gathering of wonderful furs!

December was a month to come down. Fursuiting events dried up and people scurried about making holiday plans.

What does 2004 hold? Well, I just ordered fursuit #4. Zuni Pup will debut sometime in Feb, most likely. I need to start lining up gigs with Animal Humane. I plan on attending FC, AC, MFM, MFF, and furhaps Conifur. I will continue to host furmeets at my den. I will make it up to Denver to see all of the cool CO furs. It would be great to have a Las Vegas furmeet sometime in April for my birthday. I will throw my net out far and wide in getting fursuiting gigs. I want to be able to fursuit every weekend.

Here's to kicking 2003's ass out the door and welcoming in 2004. Happy New Year to you all. *HUG*
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