August 16th, 2004


Another weekend of suiting

As mentioned on Friday, I had 2 gigs back-to-back on Saturday. Zen and I drove out to Wildlife West in the morning for the groundbreaking ceremony for their new bear habitat. It was a small affair for the volunteers, the financial backers, and most importantly, the media. Only the local paper showed up. I was hoping the ABC affiliate would also be there. I suited up and headed over to the site. It was a grey and cool morning, so it was nice in suit. I posed for a few pictures, Roger, the manager, gave a speech, and that was that. I de-suited and joined the group for lemonade and gingerbread bears. Afterwards I gave zen a quick tour of the park.

Soon it was time to head off back to ABQ and get ready for the next event. We arrived at the Explora! kids museum around 12:30 and I suited up as Zunipup. Animal Humane was putting on short skits about pet adoption. I wandered around the museum and zen told the people about the performances. The kids doing the performances were supposed to follow us around to get people interested, but 12-year-olds have their own agendas. *shrugs* We got some great photo ops both with kids and me playing around with the exhibits.

And now, what you've all been waiting for.....PICS!

Time to run down some deer! YEEHAW!

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