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Bear Droppings
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Thursday, January 27th, 2005

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"I know I've got a bad reputation.
And it isn't just talk talk talk."
---Freedy Johnston, "Bad Reputation"

There's one thing about the furry fandom that people should always remember. Despite there seeming to be so many in the fandom, it is still a relatively small and tight-knit community. There is no "six degrees of separation." It's probably more like 3. In other words, everyone knows everyone through 3 friends and friends of friends. Word tends to travel fast. That's good and bad. News, both good and bad, can spread rapidly through the community and help or congratulations can be spread quickly. I found this out with my fursuit deal. Within a couple of days I was receiving a flood of emails from around the world asking to be included in the deal. With the deal still in jeopardy, however, I have a fear that my reputation my be tarnished because I promised something I might not be able to deliver. Even though it is due to forces beyond my control, it is still my neck on the chopping block. I am doing everything in my power to preserve my reputation as someone who can come through with what has been promised. And I tell this to everyfur I meet. Keep your reputation shining like gold!

There is a lot of drama circulating around the fandom, which is nothing new. It's almost laughable. But there are a few things happening where the importance of reputation is coming in to play. There is a "battle of the bears" brewing. I know both parties involved to some extent. One party is talking smack about the other. The thing is, the one talking smack has a very bad reputation while the other has a very good one. Because of this, the accusations being made instantly fall on deaf ears. This is also true for another dear friend of mine. There has been an effort to besmirch his name as a thief. The problem is that the person saying this has a reputation of being "less than stable." Even myself have had a similar situation. I was contacted by a fur from overseas the other day. He said he had heard something bad about me. I immediately wanted to know who had a grudge against me. Well, it turned out it was a certain someone that had played a role in the fursuit drama. But in chatting with this new fur, he soon realized that what he had heard was not true. He could sense that there was something not quite right with the other person, but there was honesty in my words. *smiles*

So keep your reputation clean. And if drama erupts between you and another furson, there will be little doubt as to who has more credibility.
The furry fairy
I just got of the phone with a manager of one of our field offices. He told me a story that was just too damn funny and very ironic. First, you must understand that the field office is in Chama, a very isolated part of the state. I had thought about applying for the manager's position last year, but I was told that if I wore a bear suit, I would probably end up strapped to the hood of someone's truck. All of the workers, in the office, including the manager, are down-home blue-collar types. While I was at FC the manager came down to our office. He wanted to talk to me about something but since I wasn't there, he talked to my cohort in river operations. When asked where I had gone, my cohort said, "A furry convention in San Francisco." The manager misunderstood and thought he was told, "a fairy convention." He was in shock!
"Oh no! Ed can't be one of those!"
"No! No! FURRY! Not fairy!"
"Ohhhhhh! What the hell is a furry?!?"

So my cohort explained to the best of his ability what a furry was. The good news was that the manager thought that it was great! Woohoo! Another person who understands what it's all about and supports it.

Now, if he only knew.......Mwaa haa haa!

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