January 31st, 2005


Unnecessary worry

Don't ya just hate it when you discover a problem on Saturday and you can't do anything about it until Monday. And so you worry about it all weekend. And then Monday comes, and it gets taken care of in about a minute and everything is hunky dory. Erf.

I received a bill from Sam's Club on Saturday saying I had missed my last payment. OK. I had. But no big deal, it was was just my membership fee. Well, membership was $30 and they tacked on a $15 late fee. WTF?!? I was sooo going to rip them a new one when I finally got ahold of someone. I would probably have to complain up the chain to get this stupid fee taken off. All day Sunday I was just picturing them denying my claim and making me write them a letter. Perhaps I would just give up my membership. Yeah. And they had better refund all of the money I had already sent. And I would complain that I am also a Walmart shareholder and deserve better treatment. Yeah!

I was ready for a fight. I then had to navigate their phone tree hell. Oh! They're making it difficult to get to a live person. After negotiating numerous twists and turns I finally get a hold of a live person. I explain my situation and prepare for a fight. "Oh! We'll take care of that right away! Our computers don't distinguish between actual purchases and membership fees. So I'll just credit your account and you're all set. Have a nice day."

Grrrr. How dare they be so nice to me! *laughs* So that was a great way to start off the week.
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