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Bear Droppings
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Sunday, February 6th, 2005

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I finally received the last statement I needed to start working on my taxes. I did a really quickie job to simply see if I owed or if I would get a refund. Erf. I owe. Not much, but owe nonetheless. It's always about this time of year when I start to think about the very nature of our tax system. It is the only thing that everyone is required to do by law. How many things in your life do you have to do or you will be thrown in jail? I could think of only one other thing, a draft.

It seems that every year my taxes get a little more complicated. I'm still not near the point of needing an accountant, but the more complex they get, the more pissed off I get. I get upset because the government is demanding that I jump through a whole bunch of hoops for the privilege of giving them my money. WTF?!? I consider myself to be a smart guy when it comes to simple math (stuff like calculus is a different story). As I read the instructions for filling out some forms I wonder how the average Joe can figure this shit out! I can see why the government makes things hard on the deduction side of things because that way they can keep more of your money. I get ticked off by them making the calculations of what you owe so difficult. If you screw up there, then they can penalize you with fines and such.

I learned everything about taxes from my father. He was meticulous with his record keeping and accounting. From him I learned that doing your taxes by yourself was no big deal if you were just careful. I think he was audited once for a miscalculation when the tax law had changed from the previous year. Me, I have no fear of the IRS. Yes, there is a fear of being sucked into a nameless/faceless bureaucracy that could fuck up your money, but I also figure that there are a lot bigger fish to fry out there. There are probably people out there ripping off the government on a daily basis what I make in wages in a year. Someone asked if the fursuit deal goes through, would I make it a legitimate business by incorporating, or keep it under the table. While there are benefits to incorporating, like being able to deduct con expenses as business expenses, I think it would be best to keep the government's nose out of my affairs. I personally think it's more trouble than it's worth. *pictures Sabot in a dark alley* Psssst. Buddy. Wanna buy a fursuit?

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