February 11th, 2005


It wasn't me! But it should have been.

On last night's news I caught a story about a person in a skunk fursuit staging a protest along one of the streets near me. It was great to see this! I was only sorry that I wasn't out there joining him. He was protesting the stupidity of having only 2 lanes open on a 4-lane bridge. Here's the backstory.

Along the 20 or so miles the Rio Grande flows through the metropolitan area of Albuquerque there are 7 bridges. The newest bridge was opened just before I moved here in '99. It took years and years of wrangling and lawsuits to get the bridge built. One of the compromises was that there would only be 2 lanes of traffic until other street improvements were made. This bridge would be extremely convenient for me, but I loathe the slow moving, never ending, stream of cars that fill it at rush hour. When they built the bridge, they knew that the west side of the city would eventually grow to a point where a 4-lane bridge would be a necessity. So instead of building a 2-lane bridge, they built a 4-lane but striped it for 2 with honking big shoulders and bike lanes. Well, growth has been explosive on the west side, and traffic is getting more and more congested. The mayor, in a bold move, unilaterally decided to go ahead and re-stripe the road to 4 lanes. Of course, the opponents immediately went to court. You see, the road passes through an area of $$$$ homes, so there was bound to be a lawyer living there. The opponents are doing their best to throw up roadblocks to any type of improvements. And so we on the west side sit in traffic and face ever longer commutes.

And here was a person in a skunk fursuit holding up a sign and getting honks of approval. The sign read, "A two-lane Montano stinks! Re-stripe now!" I love it!
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