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Bear Droppings
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

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The Magic Bus
I noticed an oil sploch in my garage. I then noticed that it seemed to be getting bigger. It was centered under the rear differential. I figured I had blown a seal (and not in the good way either ;o)). I brought it into the shop and they confirmed that that's what the problem was. I dropped it off at the shop and proceeded to take the bus to work. Now I know why I drive. I had to transfer once. The bus stop was littered with trash, including lots of beer cans. At the old office the bus would drop me off right in front of the building. Now I have to walk about 6 blocks in a very convoluted way. Going home it took an hour when normally it takes me about 25 minutes. But I got the added pleasure of breathing in the wonderful scent of drunk Mexicans as they sat in front of me cursing at each other in Spanish. And I got to hear all of the latest rap hits from the low riders that pulled past the bus stop. Yeah, the transfer point is not in the greatest of areas. I heard they closed the Walmart at that intersection because the shoplifting losses were too high. I'm just grateful I live where I do. There are 2 very different sides to this city. From what I have heard there are some areas that come right out of "Training Day." Even the cops don't like to go there.

I was about to just head on home and collapse, but I got a call from furrysparkles asking if I wanted to go have some dinner. Hell yeah! So I headed over to his place and we hit the Chinese Buffet. After heaping plates full of sushi and Mongolian BBQ later, I was a happy bear. And it gets better! I get a call from tenax who is in town getting computer parts. He wants to meet for dessert. Whoot! so we all meet at Flying Star for sweet goodness. The day was salvaged. I finally made it home just before 10. It was a beautiful night so I took Anubis for his walkies on the mesa. It was beautiful seeing Orion and Ursa Major in the night sky.

Sparki is not only a fan of "Army of Darkness" but of "Office Space" as well. I introduced him to the 2 parodies floating around on the Net. There was Office Space Wars and This Place Sucks. I think he enjoyed both.

Current Mood: cheerful

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