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Bear Droppings
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Friday, March 18th, 2005

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Ready, Set, Learn
I am an early morning bear. I get up at 05:45 and get to work by 07:00. My ritual consists of having a bowl of cereal in front of the t.v. where I watch the morning news. The station does the annoying thing of loading up a whole bunch of commercials right before the top of the hour. I hate commercials! So I started channel surfing. I can't believe the number of infomercials out there. Who the hell willingly watches a 30 minute commercial?!?! I finally found a program on The Learning Channel called "Ready, Set, Learn." It was a cute kids' program with a neat little penguin puppet. The show was geared for kids under 5, so it would be perfect for me. *lol* And then I saw THE FURSUIT! The little penguin is performed by the puppet but his mother is a person in a penguin fursuit. It's so cute! The design is very simple, but it has a movable beak and movable eyes. Of course, now I want a penguin suit. I need to do some surfing to see if I can find a pic. See what you all miss by getting up late.

EDIT: I found a site that had at least one pic of the fursuit.

Current Mood: bouncy

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