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Bear Droppings
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Monday, April 18th, 2005

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Presentation, Part III
Off to Chama today to do the last of the public presentations. It'll be nice to go for a drive and spend the night up north. I can't wait to see the Rio Chama. It's flowing like a mofo. I don't know how high the river is going to go. It usually peaks around May 15, and here we are a whole month away. It could be fun!

I met a new fur online the other night. I used to have one of the only ads on pounced.org for New Mexico. I checked it out the other night and saw that there were several new people. I sent each one a message inviting them to join NM_Furry. One was on Yahoo chat so I pounced him. He was a really nice guy from Espanola, just north of here. He's a dj and has his stuff up on his website. I promised him I would post a link, so here it is. I loved the artwork of his fursona. Surprisingly it was done by a non-furry artist.

And just because berin asked...

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