April 20th, 2005


Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

First, a birthday wish to my brother bear, berin! *Big birfday bear hugs*

I normally don't announce birthdays because I'm terrible with dates and I don't want someone thinking I ignored them if I forget.

And today is 4/20. I don't smoke dope, but I think our drug laws are completely worthless. I hate hypocrisy and since coffee, cigarettes, and liquor are legal, why not drugs? If people want to screw up their lives, they should be allowed. People probably look at me and think I'm ruining my life with booze. Well, it's my choice. As long as I don't put your life in danger by drinking and driving, let me be. If someone wants to fire up a refer in their house, that's fine.

I was going to write a post about psychiatry and mental health one of these days. One point that I found amusing was that the government thinks that mind-altering drugs are bad (m'kay), but yet the pharmaceutical industry is making billions on selling drugs like Ritalin to alter the minds of people that are diagnosed with ADD. Many more billions of dollars are made to treat mental diseases like depression, anxiety, paranoia, etc. to make people more "normal." Is this really a good thing? Nobody wants to have a raving lunatic waving a knife at people on the street, but why are we so quick to prescribe drugs to alter their brain chemistry so they think "more like us." Perhaps it's business' way to make more productive worker bees. Uh-oh. I had better stop. That sounds like paranoid delusions! Gah! The men in the white coats are here for me!
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