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Bear Droppings
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Monday, April 25th, 2005

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I was thinking about fetishes the other day. Does that surprise you ;oP? It was mostly due to a post by cargoweasel last week concerning what triggers our fetishes. And so I started running through all of the various fetishes that I have and those that others may have. I think it's already well established that if you can think of it, it probably is a fetish to someone. I remember a line that was used in "Night Court" of Bull describing a fetish of looking at nude pictures of JoAnn Woorley while wearing galoshes filled with sauerkraut (they were called Woorley Birds).

So, we have adult babies/babyfurs. Is there such a thing as gerontism? Is there a group of people that get turned on by pretending to be old? Oh yeah, baby! Put on that shawl and grey wig and let's get in the rocking chair!

I thought of another weird fetish. Since it's very similar to scat fetish, this one wouldn't surprise me if it was real. Do people get hot by having someone fart on them?

OK. I probably ruined your breakfast/lunch/dinner. I'll quit. You see why I have to keep my mind occupied with work stuff or fursuiting or my Kitty. If I let my mind wander too far, who knows what sick and twisted places it could end up.

Current Mood: silly

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