May 9th, 2005


Guilt-free fursuiting

This weekend was the big Adopt-a-thon for Animal Humane. I had fursuited the event last year, but my heart just wasn't into it this year. I really hate the fact that it is at the State Fairgrounds. They charge people to park and even though I could have gotten a pass, it was just one more hassle. I felt guilty for not wanting to suit. Here I am, the gig slut, and I'm turning down a gig. I figured my next opportunity would be for Wildlife West's Wind Festival. When was that again? I checked the newsletter and saw that it was this weekend. Well, it looks like I would be suiting after all!

The Wind Festival is special to me since it was my first non-con suiting event I did 2 years ago. I owe a lot to Roger, the manager, for giving me the opportunity to perform and for being a great reference. So Kitty and I headed out there Saturday for a day of fursuiting fun.

I performed as Abbey because I was hoping they would have the bounce house set up. Nope. Maybe that was for the Bluegrass Festival. There were lots of colorful kites. It was a relatively small crowd, but the kids were fun. There was a Brownie troop there and they had a lot of fun tormenting me. I deserved it since I kept stealing and putting on their hats. There was a great blowfish kite that looked a little like a Katamri. The owner had me pose with it and it tried to incorporate my soul into it by rolling over me. All in all I suited for about an hour and half. The weather was absolutely perfect for suiting.

I then took Carol on a tour of the park. I was saddened to hear that 2 of the raccoons had died over the Winter. I did manage to get a really nice photo of Rocky, the lone survivor. Moonshadow, the mountain lion, remembered me and followed me around as I went back and forth between his and his brother, Phantom's, enclosure. Kitty enjoyed seeing Pecos, the elk, and Forrest, the fox. It was a lovely way to spend Saturday together.

And now......PICS!

And I'll just link to the rest:

The giant Katamri blowfish

You can pick your lion, and you can pick your nose, but you can't....

Let your free flag fly

I know it's cliche', but it's still funny


I just love eating brownies!

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