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Bear Droppings
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Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

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The Ying and Yang of work
Like all things in life there are good things and bad things. I thought yesterday was going to suck much ass because I had to make a presentation to several pueblos (and their lawyers) on how last year went water-wise and how this year is shaping up. Every year I do this and every year I get beat over the head by the Indians because something didn't go their way. Last year was a royal cluster fuck circle jerk. I basically had no data. A small irrigation district runs the project for us, and most of the employees are underpaid locals with possibly high school educations. We're asking them to download data from recorders in the field. I mention e-mail to their secretary and her eyes glaze over. So I ended up with very little (if any) data. I see I am rambling and I could go on and on about all of the other crap that happened last year (and years before). The meeting wasn't that bad. I think everyone was pretty tired by the time I had to do my thing and everyone knew that things were messed up. It also helped that I showed them the forecast for this year and told them there would be more than enough water well into September.

What also sucked was that the meeting started at 3pm and it was 1.5 hours away from here. Kitty was leaving on Amtrak at 4:30, so I would not be able to say goodbye to her. Well, good old Amtrak was late. I zipped down to the train station and we were able to make kissyface on the platform. I sent her on her way and headed home.

When I got to work today I realized that I had been scheduled to take a flight over the Rio Grande. Woohoo! So I got to spend 2 hours flying the river from ABQ north about 100 miles. The river looks really good. There is no flooding and things look under control. I haven't flown in a little Cessna in ages. I used to do it all the time when I was working in Yuma. There was always some sort of project going on. I had some great helicopter adventures into Mexico. But that's for another time.

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