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Bear Droppings
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Thursday, May 12th, 2005

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"You can't take the sky from me"
The subject line works on 2 fronts. First, I finished watching the last episode of "Firefly" last night. I am looking forward to Serenity when it comes out. I want it to make a shitload of money so that maybe they will bring it back on the air. It wasn't perfect, but it kept me coming back for the next episode.

Second, I got another plane trip along the Rio Grande today. A couple of people that were supposed to fly backed out at the last minute, so I was able to go. This time we headed south. We flew about 100 miles down to the headwaters of Elephant Butte Reservoir. It was a very interesting trip! I had my digital camera with me and I shot almost 100 pics. I might post a couple tomorrow. We flew for about 3 hours. I found it funny that had I been in a commercial airliner, I could have easily flown to Chicago. As it was, I never even left the state.

Current Mood: chipper

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