June 12th, 2005


Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

I went to see the musical "Cats" yesterday with tenax and furrysparkles. My Kitty was supposed to go but is still finishing her move. The performance was wonderful! This was no little college theater production but an actual Broadway touring company. The thing about "Cats" is that it is so physically demanding. I was amazed at the actors as they did wonderful dance routines while still being able to sing beautifully. The costumes were, of course, very nice. I fell in love with Mr. Mistoffelees' black sparkly spandex. Murrrr. I had joked that I should have worn my new spandex tiger suit and Sparky had said he had seen a little girl on the way in that was wearing a cat suit. Next time I will! And then I will be invited on stage and show everyone my moves which will look even worse than The Star Wars Kid.

Oh! I just found a cool website that has T.S. Elliot's poems on line. Yay!

I'm pretty psyched for next season's offerings. I saw that the Imago (video link) group will be coming. I saw an ad for them 20 years ago when I was in college and wanted to go so badly! I saw the "fursuits" and drooled. Unfortunately I was a flaky college student and didn't go.

Earthquakes and Teh Interaweb

This was pretty cool! I was talking with my Kitty on the phone when she went, "Whoa! We're having an earthquake!" I told her to move to a doorway. After it was over I immediately went to the USGS website and saw that, in fact, a 5+ had just occurred about 60 miles from where Kitty was. My heart skipped a beat when she told me what was happening. I was just waiting for the phone to go dead or to hear crashing. Thank doG everything was just fine.
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