June 13th, 2005


Green Bear?

And I'm not talking Berin! *giggles*

I transformed into Hulk Bear last night and smashed part of my computer desk. The damage was pretty minor but it demonstrates my need for a stress reliever close to the computer. I did take out part of my frustration on an old paperback dictionary I keep near the computer which I smacked the monitor with repeatedly. Why did I get so upset? Well, there was an eBay auction that was going to close. I remembered at the last minute and ran to the computer. At that very moment, the Intraweb decides to get stupid and refuses to load the website. The one thing I absolutely hate about my computer is that it never tells me when something is running in the background. I had no idea if my anti-virus program was getting a live update or something else like that. I did a quick reboot thinking there was something wrong. Of course stupid ICQ decides that it wants to take its time loading up. Finally I get back on the Net and it's taking forever again to load up webpages. I lost it and smashed my paw into the keyboard which caused the keyboard shelf to break. Oops. The damage was pretty minimal. And when all was said and done, the webpage popped up and I had missed the auction. D'oh! Oh well. There will be others I'm sure. No, I will not tell you what I was bidding on.

In other news, I almost had a squirrel in my house yesterday. I leave my patio door open about a foot so that Skookum and Anubis can go in and out at will. You know about Rum-Tug_Tugger from "Cats", when he's in he wants to go out and when he's out he wants to come in. This can be a bad thing when Skookum brings home a "prize." She usually sneaks it into the guest bedroom where she finally kills it. Well, I hear a bang downstairs so I go to investigate. Right outside the door is Skookum staring upward very intently. Clinging to the top of the screen door, halfway inside the house, is a very pissed off squirrel. Great. I slowly walk over to it and grab the handle to the glass door. I then quickly slam it shut keeping the rodent on the other side. It leaps down and takes off across the yard with Skookum in a half-hearted pursuit. I kept the door closed for the rest of the afternoon. It's a good thing I didn't have a gun handy. You know how trigger-happy I get when there are squirrels around ;oP
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