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Bear Droppings
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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

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Fur-B-Q pics
I picked out a few Fur-B-Q pics from the cd that albear made for me. He was the main photographer as I had left my camera at home. And now the pic you have been waiting for...The Proposal!

So when our kids ask us how we met and how I proposed and such, I can say that I was wearing a raccoon tail and dog collar. *LOL*

More pics behind links!

If Abu Grabe was run by furries
That's carol_kitty, dexter_fox, donkeyears, and myself.

Dexter, Hazmat (a.k.a.) AKSeawolf, and Al Bear

Al Bear and Cyber Bear

Dexter, Seawolf, and Hoof"

Donkey as Rotti, Dexter, and Puppy

Donkey and Shadowolf

Me and Bunny

Ohhhhh! Yesssss! Bladestone loves his meat

Having fun with Kaysho's new license plate

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